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Interest Rates on the Rise

Should I buy or wait?

Purchasing real estate has been one of the safest investments you can make long term and build wealth!

So, now with all the changes in interest rates is it a still a good time to purchase?

The rise in interest rates is going to slow down real estate market. The inventory is increasing and experts expect the home values to hold. Appreciation rates will normalize to 4%.

Yes, interest rates are in the 6s. Will my mortgage be higher? YES! Are you stuck with that interest rate for forever? NO! You can refinance a few years later.

Should I buy right now? Probably, if you think you will be in the home for 5 years!

If you are renting- you are paying 100% interest rate. Buying a home is an asset that builds you net worth! Why wait?!?

If you are ready to start the home buying journey, DM us to start the process!

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